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Lately I have been obsessed with improv comedy. Maybe it’s because I want to live vicariously through these comedians or I just enjoy what they come up with. Either way, I’m obsessed.

On my days off, I tend to go on YouTube for the better part of the day and just watch comedy videos. Sometimes I’ll look at the clock and realize I have been online for 4 hours. That’s when I know I have a problem. Despite my improv addiction, I was still able to get some school work done. Anyway, since my social calendar looked pretty bleak, I kept myself company with my old comedy buddies.

I used to watch “Whose Line is it Anyway?” when I was younger and I freaking loved it. The players were so witty and could make a dirty joke about anything. As a pre-teen, I didn’t really get most of the naughty jokes. When I re-watched the episodes when I was older, there were so many gems I wasn’t sure how they even got through the censor.

So when I saw this video, I almost peed my pants.

The cast that I grew up with was now older and wiser, and still making dirty jokes. The new cast members fed off the comedic energy and turned random phrases into comedy gold. Watching this video makes me want to hop on a flight to Las Vegas just so I can watch the show in person. I’d probably get really drunk and laugh at everything, though.

A few people on the cast aren’t as funny as I want them to be, but I’ll just skip the videos with them in it. Sometimes I re-watch the same episode over and over again and yet I still laugh. I probably sound crazy to my neighbors. I probably sound crazy to myself! I don’t really care. The older but wiser “Whose Line” cast is still freaking funny.

I don’t find anything wrong with watching these videos over and over on my days off and neglecting my homework because of it. The homework will get done but how will my funny bone get a workout?

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