The Chaser will be back soon!


This will be cool… the chaser back on the blog again!

This time I will be blogging about my New York life… Life in the BIG APPLE! This is great!

On top of that I am currently on my summer holiday. What could be more cool.

Look, it was cool to be away, but it is even more cool to be back!

Peace everyone, I am now haded to buying a latte at the local…. wait a minute. Where else can one get a latte today but on Starbucks. Is that right? Well I’ll bet it will be right when I go there and get the latte. Ah… it is so good. I think that I have gotten quite coffe addicted lately. Listen, my work needs concentrations. So, I need latte. Do you see the mathematical forumula there? What, no?! Well, let me tell you. There ain’t.

Gee, so perhaps it is better to go now.

I leave you with today’s youtube video:


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